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Phil Farda is an animated and energetic comedian. He comes to life on stage with an unusual mixture of curiosity and honesty. He is self-aware and socially unaware. He gets crowds roaring with his on stage antics and visuals, often grabbing the nearest item on stage to act out an experience.  He's a child of the 90's who grew up through the technology revolution and can connect with audiences young and old. Phil has featured with the Italian Bad Boyz of Comedy and has opened shows for big names such as Charlie Murphy, Jimmy "JJ" Walker, and Kevin Meany whom was overheard refferring to Phil as "really funny". Whether he's talking about uncomfortable social situations we can all relate to, dealing with everyday frustrations, or mounting the mic stand to demonstrate his struggles with gym equipment one thing is certain...every time Phil is on stage, his audience will be entertained.

Affectionately known as "Utica's Favorite Son" Phil Farda has become the face of stand-up comedy in Central New York. Phil is the founder of Comedy CNY and hosts regular shows and Stage Time Trivia nights around the area. He is the co-host and comic relief on "The Matt Masur Show" which broadcasts live worldwide every Friday afternoon 12-2 (EST) on


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